pre-trip update 1 – Maps

Maps ahoy!

I have been hard at work finding the best way to communicate where we currently are and where we are headed. Our current location can be seen on the location page and is updated every 15 minutes using a spot satellite GPS messenger that Tank is carrying.

Luckily for us Lon “Halfmile” Cooper has been hard at work since 2007 collecting GPS data from the trail and providing it for hikers on his website – Halfmile creates the printable PCT maps that we are using to navigate the trail, and they aren’t just maps. Halfmile includes all the data about, water sources, campsites, towns, and generally all the information a (thru)hiker needs in a simple format, all free of charge! To make organizing all that information manageable each state is split up into sections, each section designated by a letter, 29 sections in all.

The map below shows the first section of trail we will be hiking:

California – Section A

Total distance: 104.13 mi
Average speed: 2.73 mi/h

The map is interactive and displays an elevation profile in a nice blue graph. To see our current progress check the location page.