Justin “Tank” Zaccaro

This is a blog documenting the journey of myself (Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat), and Justin “Tank” Zaccaro as we attempt to hike from Mexico to Canada along the ~2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail (or PCT) passes through California, Oregon, Washington, and nine miles into Canada. According to the PCTA the trail climbs nearly 60 major mountain passes, descends into 19 major canyons, winds through 3 national monuments, 7 national parks, 24 national forests, and 33 federal wildernesses. More people have completed a summit of Mt. Everest than a thru-hike of the PCT.

After completing the 2175 mile Appalachian Trail in 2009 we have been itching to get back out and complete another long-distance hike.

Some fun Facts:

  • Rarely did we hike more then five miles on the AT without hitting a water source; On some sections of the PCT we may not see a water source for over 20 miles!
  • At 6,643ft Clingman’s Dome is the highest point on the AT; A stretch of trail in northern California does not go below that height for over 400 miles!
  • The highest point of the PCT is Forester Pass at 13,153 ft. From there it’s a quick 1,352 ft climb to the highest peak  in the lower 48 states – Mount Whitney (14,505 ft).
  • The PCT is graded for pack stock, so although it is longer then the AT, thru-hikers on the PCT tend to average more miles per day. On the AT we averaged about 15 miles per day on the PCT we will probably average about 20 miles per day.

Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat

The Appalachian Trail offered up some fantastic views and experiences, very few of which we captured on film or in journals. We hope to record some of the magic of these experiences this time around. I will be carrying a Canon 6D with a wide angle lens and a tripod. Unfortunately most of the high-res images won’t be posted until I have the time to edit them after the trip. If I end up with enough great images and people are interested we may create a large format photo book.