Will you bring a gun? 

No. Guns are the heaviest items in the universe and we strive to carry as little weight as possible.

But what about defense against animals or attackers?

Generally people are pleasant and animals want nothing to do with us. If a bear does attack we will attempt to ride it north majestically into the distance.

How Long does it take to Thru-Hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

We will likely finish in 5-6 months.

How do you treat water in the wilderness?

Either a pump water filter, chemical treatment, or an ultraviolet light purifier, or if we have enough mana we’ll just cast “purify water” and drink right from the stream.

How does one  prepare physically for 2600 miles of walking?

Will you hunt for your own food like Bear Gryll’s or Survivor Man?

No. We will have our meals dropped on location via helicopter three times daily.

Please ask questions below and we’ll add them to the FAQ!

  • Moontower

    How is Tweak going to prepare his feet for this trip?

    • http://www.ericjeffcoat.com/ Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat

      I will be avoiding wearing the shoes that gave me those epic heel blisters on the AT:

      http://flic.kr/p/7ikWat – Blister Picture

      I’ve also heard good things about hydropel and leukotape so I might carry those with me.


    I’m a friend of tank, could i please get his email for contacting?

    • http://www.ericjeffcoat.com/ Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat

      sure it’s justinzaccaro at gmail

  • Julia

    What do you do if a mountain lion attacks you?

    • http://www.ericjeffcoat.com/ Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat

      If scaring it off doesn’t work then I’ll attempt to fight it while simultaneously crapping my pants.

  • Moontower

    I hope the Scottsman is there in true fashion, ouughtt.
    check ya later

    • http://www.ericjeffcoat.com/ Eric “TWEEK” Jeffcoat

      Oh he is here in his purest form! He’s snoring up a storm right now too!