Guadalupe mountains NP

The first of many things that were missed last year while the government decided to close all the parks.  A nice range in the middle of the desert.  Temperatures were much cooler here, happy to be away from the true desert. Hiked up the highest peak to 8749 ft, the highest point in Texas. Nice views but feeling ready to be surrounded by epic mountains. First comes some more caves though…..


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Hot Springs NP

Took a nice mineral water hot bath. Very relaxing and refreshing. Very strange to see the main attraction of this park is also main street and part of a town. Ready to see some big mountains. Time to head west……almost.


East coast complete

After revisiting some sights and viewing some new ones our time on the east coast is complete. Made it to Auburn Alabama to visit with an old friend from the Appalachian trail, Acorn.  Had a great time and enjoyed the southern hospitality. Gearing up for Hot Springs national park, Arkansas.